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 The Topic for Tuesday August 2nd, 2010 is:

"The role of the ego."




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Self Confidence

Two simple steps in raising the bar on your self confidence and

in finding the power to solve all your problems

Can you even imagine what your life would be like if you were 10 times more self confident?

Allow yourself to dream!

Imagine what life would be like if you were:

  • A lot healthier,

  • much happier and

  • so successful your income doubled or tripled

Believe me, the only thing standing between you and having the life you really want is your self-limiting belief that you can't have it. Once you've removed those limitations, the sky's the limit. And the jewel you'll find once you free yourself of those self-limiting notions is self confidence.

Once you have real self confidence, life becomes a WOW experience, not a "poor me" victim story. Here's your chance to go for the wow.

Self confidence is the most powerful form of riches on the planet. Once you have that, you can have anything else you want in life. Hear me on this. Belief in yourself is all it will take to make you healthier, wealthier and happier than you have ever been before.

So, do yourself a big favor. Right now, stop reading. Allow the idea of having 10 times more self confidence sink in, allow the idea of being that confident to become your burning desire. Believe in it and know that it will happen if you are sufficiently motivated to follow these two simple steps to personal power.

To raise the bar on your self confidence, do these two things on a daily basis.

  1. Stop giving away your power

  2. Add to your personal power daily

Let's look first, at the real drain on your personal power.

You and I give away our power on a daily basis by telling ourselves victim stories. You think you don't have a victim story? Think again. We all have victim stories, and when you start paying attention, you'll see how many. With each story we tell, we give up personal power big time.

I'll give you a personal example.

Every two weeks a team of ladies come to my house to clean it. They do a good job and get it done in about 1 hour. But while cleaning, they also rearrange some things that I would rather not have moved. Such as clocks turned the wrong way and the stuff I keep on my bathroom vanity is totally rearranged. I used to get very upset about these things after they would leave.

Does my reactive behavior remind you of anything you might be doing as well? My reaction, my story about it, is a victim story, pure and simple.

The problem with complaining is that your victim story implies that you are powerless to solve the problem. And that's just not true. You've turned a molehill into a mountain, and now that molehill for the moment, has your power.

But you are not powerless! You have the power of the Universe behind your word and by telling yourself a victim story, you've used that power to render yourself powerless. How wise is that?

So, how do you stop giving your power away?

Put yourself on the alert with the intention of catching yourself telling those victim stories.

Here are some examples of victim stories.

  • That barking dog is driving me crazy.
  • People are driving too slow / too fast.
  • I'm in a hurry and this checkout line is taking to long.
  • Why are they always late.
  • I can't stand this humidity.
  • My spouse doesn't squeeze the toothpaste tube from the bottom.
  • I hate it when they do that - Fill In The Blank

The list could go on forever, but how many times a day do we complain about something?

Pay attention to your thoughts.

Your complaining is your victim story. When you make excuses for why your life isn't working, that my friend, is your victim story. We all have victim stories, many victim stories. We're constantly telling ourselves victim stories.

Your first step in halting the power drain is to begin to recognize your excuses or complaints for what they really are, disempowering victim stories. Make it your intention to stop the power drain! Notice that you've given your power away to something as insignificant as the weather. Take back your power and see how much more powerful you feel.

Your true purpose in life is to discover who you really are, to come to know that you are, in fact, an individualization of a God who experiences life in and through you as you. So, how does being a victim help you find that inner power? Being a victim empowers you only in that moment when you choose consciously to give up your role as a victim.


Chapter 3 - The Success Secret

from my book

"So, Why Aren't You Rich?" - Pg. 79


You Choose Who to Be

When you choose an attitude, opinion, or a point of view about anything or anybody, choosing to like, dislike, hate or love her, him  or it, you are choosing who you will be in that relationship. By having an opinion about someone or something, you make it significant.


You now say,

He, she, or it turns me on, turns me off, makes me mad, sad or glad.

You say,

that person does this to me.


With this type of statement, you assume the role of victim, giving away your power, losing that power for yourself. Whoever you gave your power to seems to control your attitude. It only seems that way


You Wrote the Script

That person will have power over you until you realize that he/she has only the power that you gave to him/her.


Chapter 3 - In The Image And Likeness of God

from my book

"Being The Solution" -  Pg. 36


All this time, you've had the power to create your own reality and have not given yourself credit for having that power. Do you see the humor in that? You have used your great power to put yourself into a box and you're stuck in that box, because you don't get that you created the box you call reality.


You endure circumstances you don't like, seeing yourself as a victim, only because you haven't allowed yourself to see that you created those circumstances. That's the joke, and I notice you are still not laughing. Well, you may not want to hear this, but if you could laugh at yourself about having misused your great power all these years, it would mean you "got it," and "getting it" is the real point of the Game of Life.


Chapter 6, What's Stopping You?

from my book

 "To God Or As God" - Pg. 60


What exactly is a victim story?

As an individualization of God, you are the creator or your own experience. The god part of you doesn't make excuses; so, any attempt to explain why your life isn't working will be a victim story.


Everyone has a tale of woe. You've got one too; it's whatever excuse you use to explain why your life didn't turn out the way you wanted. You may want to accept that your excuse is just a story, pure fiction and you made it up.


But, your fairy tale about why your life isn't perfect is a very deep trap. The only way out of that pity party is to take full responsibility for having created the reality in which those victim's circumstances must continue to prevail.


Your reality concept, your victim story, is who you are, and any attempt to change your self-concept or your point of view about life will create an identity crisis for your ego.


Only by taking responsibility for your creation will you find your way out of that trap. Stepping out of your victim's role will also free and empower you in a way you'd never even imagined could happen.


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