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How can I feel prosperous when my cash flow is negative?

A Money Problem:

 Hello Darel

I have been a follower of your technology for a while and it has helped tremendously over the last year. I have your book and believe I understand the concept of choosing who one will be.


This is my problem though. I am an artist, now living in a foreign country (marriage) and with a small monthly income from a steady msi that has increased in the past but the economy has reduced that to just enough to pay my bills with 100 bucks left over each month if I put off paying taxes until the end of the year or later.


My painting career was singing in the late 90's but it has had a steady decline to 0 sales in 2003. Daryl my chief aim in life is to be one the highest paid, most sought after and most commissioned artist alive today and have worked hard to offer a product that is uniquely mine and I believe brings joy into the life of my collectors and those that view my paintings. I currently have three galleries and consistently am pursuing bigger and better ones to sale my work.


The current Galleries have not sold a thing in as much as a year (they are in their minds products of the economy). I believe that when I figure out who I am not being and the crux of what my kingpin is I will attract sales even in down turns.


I struggle to keep enough materials to work on. I have and do exhaust my resources ($) every month. I am willing to take a part time job but not being fluent in the language yet has put a block both mental and real in my way. All I want to do is create things of beauty that will bring joy Into the lives of others and prosperity for me and my dealers.


Got any advice?

Stumped at who I am being.



ps would love to meet you and take your class some day. I am in ABQ in last week of April into to a couple weeks of May. I have a show in Phoenix so things are happening. My money problem has been with me always and was my parents problem

this I understand and can see. I just need a leg up on who I am not being.



The BEING Solution:

JM, problems persist because we humans focus almost all of our attention on the problem and none on the solution. To solve any problem, we need only change our focus from the problem to the solution. By changing our focus, we are BEING the solution.


So, since you already understand the BEING Solution concept, let’s just deal with your money problems in a general way. Let’s see if we can change your relationship to money. Since your parents had the same problem with money, we can assume that they passed on their way of relating  to money to you.


At this time, your relationship to money could not be labeled a “prosperity consciousness,” so let’s, just for the sake of naming it, call that relationship a "poverty consciousness". I needed to give it that name so I can explain the difference between the two ways of relating to money.


So here’s the difference: Once someone acquires a prosperity consciousness, that person becomes a magnet for attracting money. But for anyone with a poverty consciousness, the flow of money goes in the opposite direction.


To apply the BEING Solution to your money problem, you must choose a way of relating to money that gives you a prosperity consciousness and makes you a magnet for money.


So, what’s a prosperity consciousness?

My answer to that question may surprise you. A prosperity consciousness is nothing more or less than feeling good about your relationship to money. And that boils down to simply, “feeling monetarily prosperous.”  It’s that prosperous feeling that will make you a magnet for money.


So, JM, the BEING Solution for your money problems would be YOU having a prosperity consciousness. How do you feel prosperous when you’re just barely getting by? Start the process by being truly grateful for what you have. Start seeing that $100 left over each month as a surplus and be grateful for it. See if you can feel rich and glad about it.


Then, create a vision of what your life would be like if you were a wealthy and famous artist. What would your life style be if you were that successful? Add enthusiasm, joy, and good feeling to that vision and then choose into it. Choose to BE that person in the vision.


JM, life is a BEING choice. We were made in the image and likeness of God. He/She gave you and I the power to choose our way of BEING, knowing that this is how we would find our power and get to know ourselves.


Once we’ve chosen, the Universe steps forward to provide everything that belongs in the reality of that new BEING choice. This is a Universal Spiritual Principle at work in your life. Life is being handed to us on a silver patter. Anything we want is ours for the choosing, if we would just wise up and choose our good.


When we spend our lives stewing over our problems, we just naturally become the problem, and the problem will persist for as long as we maintain that focus. When we make a new BEING Choice, that problem has no reality in which to persist.


Go BE the solution, JM.




P.S. You might also want to go back and reread Chapter 17 on How To Attract Money with a Prosperity Consciousness, and Chapter 20, Your Relationship to Money will make you Rich or keep you Poor