did you know...

Self-help books are lying
     when they tell you
DO HAVE BE really works?


Self-help book authors probably believe that the DO HAVE BE success formula works or they wouldn't be promoting it. But they're wrong!

DO HAVE BE, quite simply, does not work as a success formula, because that order of creation leaves out the most important step in the process, that of choosing to BE one who can and will successfully DO.  

What we DO in life is a direct result of who we are BEING, not the other way around. What we DO does not make us who we are.

So any attempted DOING activity, outside the normal, will meet powerful resistance from an ego determined to keep your current self-concept intact. When you begin your attempted life style change with DO, you can expect failure.

To prove my point, let me ask you a question; how many New Year’s resolutions have you broken in your lifetime? Quite a few, I'd imagine, I know I have. They were broken, because in most cases, you made a DO HAVE BE decision, not a BE DO HAVE commitment. 

Let’s say, for one of those resolutions, you decided to loose some weight. So you went on a diet and lost the intended pounds . Great! You were feeling good about yourself because you thought you’d won the weight problem battle. Right? 

But then what happened when you let down the guard on your will power? The pounds came back on with a vengeance, didn’t they? And maybe you ended up weighing even more than before you started the diet.

Has that ever happened to you? If so, you're not alone in that. That’s the experience for most who’ve used the DO HAVE BE process for loosing weight. The pounds came back, because you were not really a thin person at heart. Even with the pounds off, you were still BEING a fat person in a thin body.

It is a fact of life that we become what we think about. So after losing all those pounds, if you still had the same old self-image as when you were a fat person, the pounds would just naturally come back faster than they came off.  

Believe me, DO HAVE BE just doesn’t work as a success formula, no matter what your goal! So, discard it and start your run for success with a BEING commitment.

If you want to loose weight, first make a BEING commitment to BE a thin person. Focus on the benefits you would gain from that change; get enthused about the new you in that vision and make your BEING commitment.

When you’ve practiced that way of BEING, until you have truly changed your self-image from fat to thin, you will have become a thin person at heart. Then, the pounds will come off almost automatically, because they no longer belong on your body.

You’ll be wiser than most once you begin to see DO HAVE BE as the formula for failure.  And the BE DO HAVE success formula above, works no matter what change you want. Just substitute the word 'rich' instead of 'thin'.

So, what do you want from life that you don't have?

So, go ahead, choose to BE the one who will have what you want.

That's the first step in the creative process.