Hi Darel,


I do not know how to thank you. 

Darel: since I read your first book, it is hard to express the change in my life. I was a participant in Being God workshop and my goal was to get accepted to doctorate degree with full scholarship or find finance for my last semester at Columbia. 


I was on negative cash flow and had to defer my enrollment at Columbia in January. I came back to Istanbul and using the Power Pause I got a really nice job that I am responsible for South and North America at an international company now. 


Susan and Claudia (my Powerpact partners) have been the gift from God. 


Recently I received my acceptance letter from Harvard! Amazing, isn't it? They will finance all my studies; however, I have decided to decline their offer as I saw clearly that while studying (doctorate takes 7 years) I did not have time to stop to smell the flowers. 


Also, out of a blue, last week I received an email from Fullbright organization stating that they can give a scholarship for my last semester at Columbia (35.000USD) I will finish my degree. 


All happened when I said: It is OK if I don't have it. 


More: YES


I am building my own company; I came across a book that shows how to do it. (of course it was not a coincidence that I saw that book by chance)


Darel: I want to go to New Mexico and hug you strongly. There is one more big news, but I will let you know when it happens. 


Thank you for being in my life every day.