v The BEING God Workshop v



This workshop will transform the quality of your life.

 I guarantee it!




This 10-Week Tele-Course is held on

- two different days

- two different times

 - you choose!


Tuesdays beginning April 29, 2014

* 7am PT / 10am  ET / 5pm in Turkey *


Wednesdays beginning  April 30, 2014

* 9am PT / 12 Noon  ET / 7pm in Turkey *


Did you know you could use your God like powers right now to manifest any quality of life change you can imagine?


What would you change if I showed you your God Power and helped you find the courage to use it to manifest a brand new quality of life... becoming richer, healthier and happier?


You have attracted this opportunity into your life right now. I will show you how to change your concept of reality, and to create your life as you want it to BE.


This workshop provides you with the tools and practices to shape your life by using your God powers, specifically the power to BE and the power to attract. The results are proven each and every time in the lives of those I've helped already.


The workshop provides you with materials and support along the journey.  Have a life worth living.  What are you waiting for?


Join Me in This 10-Week Tele-Course.


Here's what the course entails...

Every week you will:

-       Receive and read two chapters from my new book, Nine Ways To Be Richer, Healthier and Happier.

-       Participate in a 1-hour group teleconference with me as your facilitator

-       Participate in a 1-hour call with your ongoing coaching support group - people like you!

-       Participate in a 1/2-hour one-on-one coaching call.

-       Receive one 1/2 one-on-one coaching call with Darel Rutherford


If you are truly ready for a change in your life, take the BEING God Workshop, and whatever you want from life is yours, automatically! 


Whether you want, better health, more confidence, less worry, more happiness, or even to double your income, results are guaranteed with your FULL PARTICIPATION or your money back. How can I make such a claim?  Over 95% of past workshop participants manifested awesome results!


Heres what some of the past participants have to say about the BEING God Workshop.


"All of it happened when I said: It is OK if I don't have it."

- Ozlem Bayram - Click here to read the testimony in full.


Im attracting money like a magnet. 

- Ike Ogut


I was about to be evicted, but now own the house I was renting. 

- Kathy Bennet


I have a greater sense of inner power 

- Carol Belcher


The workshop doubled my income several times. 

- Jackie Pasciak 


Im no longer a victim of lifes circumstances. 

- Tammie Johnson


I no longer worry about money.  My massage business doubled. 

- Heather Simons



The workshop fee is $797 if you pay in full, or you can pay over time with 10 weekly payments of $90 each.  So, invest in yourself now and propel yourself forward toward achieving all your 2014 goals!


For each person to receive individual attention, each workshop is limited to 15 participants. This workshop fills up, so reserve your place NOW.




v The BEING God Workshop v




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Tuesdays starting April 29, 2014

7am PT / 10am  ET / 5pm in Turkey


Click Here for one payment of $797.00


Click Here for 10 weekly payments of $90.00




 s  OPTION 2s


 Wednesdays starting April 30, 2014

9am PT / 12 Noon  ET / 7pm in Turkey


Click Here for one payment of $797.00


Click Here for 10 weekly payments of $90.00



I look forward to supporting you on your transformation journey!


Darel Rutherford