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Your Problem is:
...but my income sucks!
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Why not...
...try seeing the problem
from a different point of view?

Most of the time...

 ...we spend more time looking at our problem,
than we do looking for the problem's solution

And while focusing on the problem, we
create a mind-set that perpetuates the problem


Here's how you're seeing the problem:

I love my work, but my income sucks.
What can I do to solve my money problems?

Try changing the pattern of your thinking.

It is a fact of life that we become what we think about. So, by focusing so much of your attention on your lack of income, you actually become so identified with the problem that you become the problem. With that focus, you've chosen a reality of lack. In the context of that reality, there is no solution for your problem. You'll remain stuck with the reality of, "my income sucks" until you change your perspective.

Every thought, every attitude, opinion and point of view you take in life programs your subconscious to produce more of the same. That pattern of thought, is your reality. That reality will change only after you change your way of seeing the problem.


A change of perspective

To solve your problem, you'll need a change of focus. By focusing on the problem, you're giving it power. Try imagining the problem solved. See yourself BEING in a reality where the problem is solved. The BE open to having the problem BE solved.

At this point you don't need to know the problem's solution, you just need to know that there is a solution for it and be open minded in seeking that solution.

So, try this for a change of perspective: Imagine what your life would look like if your money problem were already solved. This won't be easy at first, because you're so out of practice in using your imagination, but you can do it. So, just for starters, imagine what your life would be like if your income suddenly doubled!

How would you be spending the extra income? How would you feel and act now that you have more money to spend? Would you be happy, joyful, and enthusiastic? You'll need to capture and revel in those positive feelings, because it's your feelings that empower the vision and bring it to life!

By focusing on this powerful vision of a happy life with the problem solved, you are actually creating a new reality for yourself.

Changing your focus away from the negative circumstances and onto the reality of your problem already solved, changes your way of being relative to the problem. A change in who you are being changes what belongs in your life.

If you'll spend thirty minutes a day on visualizing yourself being that successful, joyful, happy person who now has more than adequate income, you will within 21 days have been transformed by this new pattern to your thinking.

This new you will attract a whole new set of people and circumstances into your life. And when those new circumstances show up in your life , I want you to remember how you created them -- by a change in who you were being!

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You'll find the solution to your problem in your answer to this simple question that
gets right to the heart of the matter.

"Who would you be BEING
that were no longer a problem?"
  Chapter 3, In the image and likeness of God,
what that really means



But the real solution
(not just a band aid)
for your "my income sucks" problem,
would a more significant and meaningful shift
in your way of BEING with that problem

To accomplish that BEING change,
you might want to join us in the next BEING Workshop

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