Tough Love...
Is The Parent Allowing The Child
To Make His Or Her Own Choices,
Learning The Hard Way,
Reaping Consequences And/Or Benefits

  • Tough love is saying no when the yes would be much easier, but would make the child or other person more of a dependant.
  • Tough Love is non-manipulative and unconditional
  • Tough Love offers empathy, but not sympathy
  • Tough Love is non-supportive of victim stories
  • Tough Love offers support and courage, but not help
  • Tough love encourages strength not weakness
  • Tough love doesn't worry that you might make a mistake
  • In fact, tough love encourages free choice and the learning that comes from making mistakes.
  • Tough love opts for your growth in consciousness
  • Tough love says, "If you eat crackers in bed; sleep you must sleep with the crumbs."
  • Tough love knows that you must learn how to lose before you can win.
  • Tough love knows that security is in letting go, not in hanging on.
  • Tough Love is the courage to say "No" when "Yes" would spoil the child
  • Tough love knows that help freely given can create dependency
  • Tough Love demands responsible behavior
  • Tough Love doesn't do for them what they can do for themselves
  • Tough Love expects cooperation and courteous behavior
  • Tough Love respects their rights and command the respect of others

For several years of my life played the role of a Guru. It seems I loved having people need me; otherwise, why would I have set so many people up to need me?

  • My family needed me.

  • I owned a business with over 100 employees; they all needed me.

  • I was president of the board of my church three times; the board of directors and the members all needed me.

  • I was even a minister's Guru for 12 years. His sermons on Sunday always seemed to be on what we had talked about on Saturdays.

  • I was a management consultant advising small business men and women on how to run their business.

It was great to be needed by all those people. And then one day, I woke up to the fact that my helping was keeping them stuck. They would not be allowed to grow if I solved all their problems for them. They wouldn't learn from their mistakes if I gave them the answers they needed to be finding on their own.

They would never become self sufficient unless I stopped feeding them fish and, instead, showed them how to become fishermen. When we are not allowed to suffer the consequences of our unwise choices, we have no opportunity to grow.

Giving up my Guru role in life was one of the hardest things I've ever done. During that time of my life, I still had a multitude of people coming to me for advice. To help me through this transition, when asked for advice, I'd ask myself, "What would God do for this person?" The answer in each case was, "Nothing."

You see, God, by putting a part of Himself in each of us, gave you and I the power to choose who we would be, and then He left us on our own to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes.

Unconditional love is the space we create for each other to be who we are, and that's God's love. I call it tough love.

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Every relationship is an unwritten agreement about who we will be in it.

We spend our lives moving in and out of relationships without ever realizing this truth about relationships.

The real value, then, in those relationships is that they provide us with the opportunity to experience BEING who we are, or who we say we are. Each relationship allows you to experience yourself in a different way, exposing a different facet of your being in each case.

With everyone you know, you've chosen a different role to play find yourself in a different way in each. Notice that role playing requires opposites.

Just know, that when you change your mind about who you will be, it's not necessary to choose out of the relationship. To make that relationship work for you, just make a new agreement.

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Think about it. Solving your relationship problem may require the negotiation of a new agreement.




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