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Darel Rutherford




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About Darel Rutherford

Darel Rutherford, author of three books, prosperity coach and mentor, is a 79 year old philosopher who has been teaching others the science of becoming rich for 37 years. 

Dr. David Sobers, a retired Philosophy professor,  about Darel's first book, So, Why Aren't You Rich -- said. "It's the greatest book I ever read on the subject."

Darel takes the mystery out of Philosophy, so that anyone can understand and apply the principles he teaches into their daily living. What makes him the expert? He's a self-made millionaire who walks his talk.

His latest book, BEING THE SOLUTION takes you by the hand and leads you down the path to the transformation in consciousness that will make you rich in all aspects of your life


The Spiritual Path
 Personal Power

Financial Independence

by Darel Rutherford

If there is anything you lack that you feel would make your life whole and complete if you had it, then you are poor—not as poverty’s victim, but because you reject riches in that form.

Poverty or abundance in any form is a state of mind (a state of BEING), not the state of your love life, your relationships or your finances.

You'll find the message in this BOOK takes away your victim story and changes your mind about the reason for your poverty.




The Prosperity Secret of The Rich

The Secret to Winning the Game of Life
by Darel Rutherford

The textbook most often used
for prosperity workshops

This book picks up the think-yourself-rich process where Napoleon Hill's Think and grow Rich left off. Almost all of us have barriers to becoming richer.

This book will show you how to locate and remove those built-in barriers. Read this book and find your way past the three basic reasons most people are poor:

  • He or she has left out the number one step in the becoming rich process.

  • He or she is unaware of his/ her built-in resistance to choosing to be rich.

  • He or she has no clue about how to deal with that resistance.

Reading So, Why Aren't You Rich? will help you identify and remove your barriers to becoming rich



THE Why Aren't You Rich WORKBOOK          How to Win the Game of Life
 by Darel Rutherford

This is the companion workbook to go with Why Aren't You Rich? if you're planning a workshop.

It's filled with exercises designed to move you out of the poverty consciousness that keeps you poor so you can create the prosperity consciousness that will have you attracting the good life, like a magnet attracts metal filings.