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I hope you have recovered from all the "tricks" and "treats" from last weekend. I hope this week has been a prosperous one for you. In this week's edition of the newsletter I would like to give you a real life example of how changing our creative process from DO HAVE BE to BE DO HAVE can open doors for us. As Patrick Dennis' Auntie Mame said "Doors you never dreamed existed!"


BE DO HAVE, the true order of creation.

For many years, I would have told you that the correct order of creation was DO HAVE BE. I believed then that we could change what we were DOING and resolve all our problems, but I was wrong! As mentioned previously, BE DO HAVE is the only correct order for creating our new reality. We must change who we are BEING before we can change what we are DOING; otherwise the attempted doing will fizzle out even before it gets off the ground.

Most self-help books would have us believe that if we do as they suggest we will have what we want from life. They imply that once we've had our reward from DOING as they suggested, we would automatically BE the person we'd always wanted to be. Not so! The first step toward a quality of life change is a BEING decision.

Don't pursue success; attract it.

BE the one to whom it belongs.

Having what we want is not what makes us rich; what turns that trick is a prosperity consciousness that just naturally attracts riches. That prosperity-attracting consciousness is how we will be BEING when we feel prosperous. Rich is about who we are, not about what we have.

As a Management Consultant

For several years of my life, while managing my own business, I offered others my services as a management consultant. This was a period of my life when I thought a simple change of procedure would solve serious business problems.


For instance, Joe Black came to me with serious cash-flow problems. I showed Joe how a change in his credit policy with slow-paying customers would increase his cash flow. I pointed out that having the resulting cash surplus available would allow him to purchase inventory for much less, and his lowered costs would double his profits. Joe and I both thought that this change in his credit policy would be a great solution to his cash-flow problems. Joe was also thrilled about the prospect of doubling profits. But that cash-flow bonanza never happened for Joe because the new credit policies were never implemented. Can you guess why?


My solution for Joe didn't fly because I had offered him a DOING solution for what was actually a problem with who he was BEING. Joe couldn't change his credit policy because doing so would have required, what for him, turned out to be an unacceptable BEING change. It was too far out of his box. Joe just couldn't see himself as the hard-hearted, tough-minded credit manager he would have needed to BE before he could dictate and maintain a firm credit policy to those slow-paying customers.


As a consultant, I had not allowed myself to see that my clients' real problems were in who they were being, not in what they were doing. I gave excellent advice (in my opinion) when advising clients about what they could DO to solve their business problems. But in those days, I didn't tell them that they would need to change who they were BEING in order to take my advice--a serious mistake on my part! I hadn't learned that the creative process for mankind was BE DO HAVE, not DO HAVE BE.


Next week we will talk about using the visualization process to create a burning desire that would motivate your making a new BEING choice and having your dream reality come true.


I wish you a pleasant weekend and a creative week ahead. I look forward to talking with you next week.


I am please to announce that my new blog is now up and running.

I would like to invite you to read it at www.richbits.com/Blog.

New Blog Entry: The week of 09/15/08.

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