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Hello %$firstname$% and welcome to the first issue of the newsletter for August 2008. We were not able to get last week's newsletter (08/01/08) out on Friday because of technical difficulties. Don't worry we will be sending you this week's edition on Friday. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

In this edition I am going to diverge a bit from the normal format of the newsletter. Below you will find an exercise taken from one of my past workshops. I hope you find it enlightening.

Write the word "POOR" 10 time:


Changing the quality of our life

To see what we are up against when we attempt to change who we are by changing the pattern of our thinking, do the following exercise.



The exercise:

On a blank sheet of paper, write "POOR" 10 times one on top of the other. Now write the work "RICH" on top of the word "POOR".

Can you read the "RICH"? No! Obviously, you can't!


This is what we are up against when we decide to rewrite what's written on the blackboard of our minds.


So, how do we get the job done when we are attempting to rewrite what has already been written on that blackboard?

You get yourself a big black marker pen.

Empower our thoughts with strong feelings. Make our mark much bolder by adding the power of our emotions into it.

Enthusiasm makes a powerful impression!

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