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Rich Is Outside The Box

People are always telling me, "I'm already rich."

And most of the time, my response is, "yeah, sure". What they mean is, "I don't have enough money to live the way I want to live, but I am rich in other ways, and I don't worry about becoming rich because rich is outside the box."

And, what I mean when I say, "yeah sure" is, you are conning yourself into believing that it's okay not to have money by pretending not to want it.

So What Do I Mean By "Rich"?

I say you're rich if you have everything you need to make your life whole and complete. And you are poor if there is something you want from life that you don't have, whether that want be for love, money, self-worth or self-respect. If you are poor in anyway, I say you are poor, because rich is outside the box.


So What Do I Mean By "The Box"?

I'm calling the reality you and I have created for ourselves, "the box". It's a box, NOT A CAGE, because from a cage you can see through the bars to the outside. But if you're in a box, you can't see anything outside the box. Your reality is totally contained within that box you call your point of view about life.

When I was a kid, I grew up in a box called "nobody loves me". That was my reality, but don't feel sorry for me, because it simply was not true. The love was there, I just couldn't accept it. Love did not fit into the box I had created for myself. Back then, when someone tried to hug me, I pushed them away because a loving hug did not fit into my reality.

Although it wasn't true that nobody loved me, it might as well have been true, because I lived my life from that point of view for most of my earlier years. I came out of that box to create a bigger box called, "I don't need anyone". I spent almost  40 years proving to myself and the world that I did not need anyone. Then one day, someone blew a hole in that box and I saw that I had been living a lie for all of those 40 years. What a waste!

What I want you to see from this example is that the poverty of love I had created for myself (the box) was all a figment of my imagination. It was real because I made it real. Now, take that example and apply it to any condition of lack that you find in your life. Your condition of lack is no more real than mine. Poverty is always a state of mind (a box), not a financial condition. If poverty is in the box, rich is outside the box.

In fact, no matter what problem you have in life, I can assure you that the solution to that problem is outside the box. If it weren't, you would have solved it already. To solve your problem you need only create a new box that includes the solution to your problem.

You can create a new an bigger box (one that includes rich) anytime you are willing to step outside your comfort zone. That's what your box is: the place where you hide and feel safe. Your ego's job in life is to keep you in that box. In fact, YOUR EGO'S CONCEPT OF REALITY IS YOUR BOX.

Your life can only begin to work to solve all your problems when you give up the security you seem to think is in the box. Truth is, real security is outside the box. Fear of the unknown will keep you in the box and love of life will take you out of it. Every time you experience fear when you think about what's outside the box, just remember that fear is the ego's tool to keep you in the box.

I want you to know that, no matter what your problem, the solution is always outside the box. I hope I've blown a hole in your box. Your box is merely your perception of reality made real. You have the power to rethink your perception and change your reality.


Chapter  4 - Money And You

from my book

"So, Why Aren't You Rich?" - Pg. 94


The Prosperity Secret

The prosperity secret of the rich is so obvious that most people refuse to seriously consider it. Are you ready for this?


If you want to be rich, take the first step

in that direction: CHOOSE TO BE RICH.


Changing the way you think changes who you are, and changing who you are changes what you expect from life. Notice that you get from life what you expect.


Chapter 6  - How To Know What You Want

from my book

"Being The Solution" -  Pg. 66


The solution will be outside the box

Any decision requiring a new BEING choice is an outside the box decision. Therefore, the solution to your most serious problems will always be found outside the box. In other word, if who you were BEING caused the problem, then a change in who you are BEING will solve the problem.


The problem's effect always shows up inside the box;

the problem's solution will ALWAYS BE outside the box.


Chapter 25 - Practicing The Presence

 "To God Or As God" - Pg. 178


When ego is in charge

When ego is in charge, you will live your life in the survival mode, mostly reactive or inactive, dormant and stagnant. As your ego, your motivation in life is fear, self-doubt and worry. Because all your decisions come out of fear and worry, they are reactive and defensive.


As Spirit, you will be enthusiastic, joyful and happy. Your motivation will be a powerful desire for further growth in consciousness. All your decisions will be proactive, exciting and out of the box, made with a winner's attitude as you anticipate the thrill of your next daring adventure.


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