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RICHBITS Series Article-Bonus Issue


Your Self Concept--change your mind about who you will be, and you'll automatically attract a whole new quality of life.

The whole pattern of your life, realize it or not, is one of self discovery. You’ve been traveling the yellow brick road of self discovery all you life and are still on it. Like Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz story, we all look for the way home. But since we don’t know where home is, we create a warm, safe and comfortable place—identity in which to hang out and call it home. A very large part of that safe, comfortable space is our self concept. 

Over the years, you’ve created your self concept by choosing who you will be relative to everyone and everything else in your life. When you stop to think about it, you’ve even created a relationship—chosen who you will be relative to vanilla ice cream. You either like it or you don’t, and you prefer vanilla ice cream over chocolate, or vice versa.  

The ice cream example may seem a bit silly, but it is one of the ways you’ve chosen to identify yourself. And I think, once you see that, you’ll realize that changing your self concept is as simple as changing your mind about what belongs in your life and what doesn’t. 

The point I’m intending to make is that your reality and your self concept are created by using your “I AM” power to choose who you will be relative to everyone and everything else in your life. What you may not have realized is that, in your power to speak the words “I am” followed by your chosen BEING statement you have the power to create any reality you can dream up.  

Once you’ve accepted and internalized the reality of BEING an individualization of God, you’ll realize that your “I am” statement has the power of the Universe behind it. The most interesting thing about being that powerful is in how you’ve used that power so far. If you’re average, you’ve used it with the intention of creating safety, security and comfort, when what you really want in life can be found only on the other side of safe.  

What you really want from life will be found only outside the cage of limitations you’ve built for yourself with your awesome “I am” powers. I hope you can see from this that you can’t really hang out in your box, playing it safe, and at the same time, be traveling the yellow brick road of self discovery. It’s one or the other, your choice! 

Anyway, real security is peace in your heart, and that comes only from letting go, not from hanging on. You can’t find peace while fearing what’s outside that, playing-it-safe box.  

I want you to see that your self concept is a large part of your play-it-safe box and you’ll find your way out of that box only when you’ve realized that you have the power to create a bigger and better box by simply changing your mind about who you will be. This is the process you’ll want to use for changing your self concept.  

And on that day when you’ve found your “I am” power and used it to manifest the reality of your dreams, you will come to realize that you are finally on your true path, the yellow brick road of self discovery and your journey home.  

So, in that light, let’s look again at your self concept, think about how you created it, and then you can decide for yourself if you’re ready to create that dream reality with a new BEING choice. The process is really simple; If you can imagine your life as it would be, living in that dream reality and feel as you would if you were already living it, you’ve already created it and it will manifest if you’ve actually chosen to BE the one in that vision.  

Believe me! Manifesting out of the box results is nothing more complicated than making a new BEING commitment. If you are truly ready to manifest a quality of life change come join us in the next Success Blockers Workshop.

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The barriers between you and your being able to manifest the change you want are:

  1. Your self concept

  2. Your Belief System

  3. Your Story

  4. Your Attachments

  5. Your Attitude

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The above article is part of series, each designed to help you answer the following questions for yourself,
so you can attract who and what you want into your life.

To manifest greater success you must:

  1. Know what you want

  2. Believe you can have it

  3. Have the self confidence to choose it

  4. The Winner's Attitude to attract it

  5. And the self worth to accept it

If you've tried and failed at anything, it will be because you've left out one of the above five steps in the process of manifesting results. Transformation is the key to changing the quality of your life and all five of the above success elements are a necessary part of the transformation process.

With that in mind, each future issue of RICHBITS  will be part of a series of articles focused on one of the 5 elements of success. As the series develops, articles will be posted on our web site, available for your future reference and review. By reviewing those past articles, anyone new to RICHBITS can be brought up to speed and be able to follow the bouncing ball of self discovery.

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