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Why No One Wants Transformation

Isn't it strange, that everyone wants their life to change for the better, but no one wants to sacrifice the current reality in order to have it. The first step in having your life be the way you've always wanted it, is in giving up your attachment to HAVING your life BE the way it is now.

Most of us are attached to our lives the way it is now. IF you are not happy with the way it is now, but you're hanging on to "the way it is", it's because you are afraid of what life might be like outside that box!

You're stuck because you are afraid to let go! In fact, you have a death grip on the status quo.

The only reason anyone doesn't have who and what they want from life is that they haven't chosen it! Have you chosen to have the good life? If not, the reason you aren't living the good life is because you are way to attached to "the way it is". Life could be so sweet outside the box, but if you're not outside the box, it's because you can't choose out of "not so sweet" and into "how sweet it is!"

An example of this would be: you can see a beautiful new reality just on the other side of the river, but you are afraid to step into the boat that would take you there. You could have it all, but...

The fact is, the only reason you don't have what you want it because you haven't chosen it. You haven't chosen it because you're so attached to not having it! It's a game and in that game, life takes you nowhere except around in a circle.

Would you like to know why you are so attached to not having life be that good?

You are stuck in your current reality because you have an ego that is bound and determined to maintain the status quo. That is it's job. You want to change your life for the better, but it is your ego's job to prevent that change in any way that it can. Ego uses fear, self-doubt and mind chatter to keep you confined in a reality that no longer serves or satisfies your wants. Your ego is the reason you can't step into the boat and row yourself across the river to the good life on the other side.

The Means By Which

Your ego is the means by which you get to experience the reality you created by choosing who you would BE. The problem with wanting to change that reality, is that your ego won't let you open the door to that new reality. This on going life dilemma reminds me of a quote by Peter De Vries. He said,


"The Universe is like a safe

to which there is a combination,

but the combination is locked up in the safe."

Your ego knows that the key to your real power is locked up in that safe, but it can't let you get to the combination because what ego fears most, is your discovering just how powerful you really are. Your ego doesn't want you to know that the power of the Universe is locked up in your ability to choose who you will BE. Once you have truly chosen, your ego, like the genie in Aladdin's lamp, must now, provide you with the experience of the reality of your new BEING choice.

A Fact of Life: You can have anything you want from life just by choosing to BE the one to whom it belongs!

Life really is that simple! But having what you want requires a transformation in consciousness and nobody wants to be transformed. They want what they want, but they resist being transformed to have it.

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