So, Why Aren't You Rich?
The Prosperity Secret of The Rich
The unauthorized sequel to Think and Grow Rich
by Darel Rutherford







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So, Why Aren't You Rich?
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Darel says, "When I learned the BEING principle, we become what we think about, while reading, Think and Grow Rich, that powerful life-changing truth transformed every aspect of my life from that moment on. Two years after reading Hill's book, I was half way toward my second million $.

I learned the BEING Principle, at a time when I needed it most. My new way of BEING turned my failing business into a roaring success almost overnight.

I couldn't wait to pass on what I learned to everyone who would listen."

I gave away 17 copies of Hill's book, because I thought everyone should learn about the BEING principle. But I was in for a surprise. Not one of those to whom I gave that book, had the same life changing experience. When I understood why they didn't get it, I knew I had to write So, Why Aren't You Rich?.

It was my opinion, that Hill's great book needed a sequel that would not only explain why we become what we think about, but that would make readers aware of their powerful built-in barriers to becoming rich. They needed a way past those barriers. Everyone has a barrier to becoming richer. This book will show you how to remove your barriers! -- Darel Rutherford

About this book,

Dr. David Sobers, Dr. of Philosophy said, Darel's is the greatest book I've ever read on the subject.

Page Hagan, metaphysical book reviewer wrote, So, Why Aren't You Rich, my favorite of 1999.

If you want to be prosperous and happy in the new millennium, buy this powerful and  life changing guide. Darel A. Rutherford wrote this book as a successful businessman, but his appeal to me is as a brilliant metaphysician and caring counselor.

It will take several reading to absorb all that he offers. He intersperses down-home good sense, bible interpretations and profound principles with directions and specific steps to follow.

Rev. Kenneth Fuller, D. D. says, Darel's book peels off layer after layer of false perceptions regarding prosperity. This is a manual that inspires unlimited thinking. Get it. Study it, and live it. I can't put it down!

Rev. Michael Gerdes wrote, Darel Rutherford has written a two-by-four between the book covers. It gets your attention, revealing the limiting patterns of thought under which you have been operating. Then it provides you with the plan and building materials for one to make a real and effective change.

So, Why Aren't You Rich? - E-book    $19.95
So, Why Aren't You Rich? -
Printed   $ 23.95

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The message in So Why Aren't You Rich? has the power to transform the quality of your life only if it is contrary to what you already believe.

If you believe the rich are rich because they have money, think again!

Their money is the effect, not the cause of their being rich.

The real difference between the rich and the poor is in how they perceive themselves in their relationship to money

The rich see money as something to invest, a tool that can be put to work so that they won't always have to work.

The poor think of money only in terms of what it will buy and never  having enough of it.

You'll learn from reading this book how to acquire a prosperity consciousness that will have you attracting money like a magnet.

To purchase So, Why Aren't You Rich, click here

Printed $23.95






E-Book $19.95