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The Power Pause

I taught prosperity workshops for over 35 years before I read John Harricharan's Power Pause book for the first time. I was blown away by the simplicity of the powerful transformational tool he leads us to discover in this well written book.

After reading John's book I knew I'd found what I had been looking for. In all my years of conducting prosperity workshops I had never come across such a simple and effective way of moving workshop participants past their built-in resistance to change and through the transformation process.

So, I called the author and said, "John, I've got a problem." I must use the Power Pause in my teaching and in my writing. How can I do that and not be violating your rights as the author?

 John graciously said, Take it and run with it.

And I replied, But, John, I intend to write a book using the Power Pause as the center of focus.

John said, "You have my permission to use it any way you choose."

So, I wrote my book BEING THE SOLUTION, in which you will have found the three simple steps to the Power Pause process. But, I find that simply learning the three steps is just not the same as learning the process as I did while reading The Power Pause book.

When you read John's best selling book,  you'll identify with the problems of the main character in a way that has you sweating out the solutions for his problem. When the Power Pause is finally revealed as the real solution for his problem, you'll appreciate it with reverence in a way that you won't get from just getting the formula in my book.

I highly recommend that you read this great book so you can really appreciate the Power Pause as the powerful tool that it is.

Well, I loved it so much I bought the franchise for it. That's why I'm able to offer it to you for purchase.

And just in case you didn't know, the Power Pause is an E-book, and when you purchase it for $97 you will also receive as a bonus - 15 other Ebooks including John's other best sellers. Click on the link below to view all the bonuses John is giving you for only $97.00.

The Power Pause and 15 Bonus Ebooks - To Review and/or Purchase click here