Your Success is Blocked by

Five Solid Barriers

No matter what you want from life or how successful you are now, you have five solid success blockers standing between you and what you want.


To find your way past your success blockers, come join Darel Rutherford and Deborah Ivanoff for this weekly hour session of open questions, answers and participation learning.


The Weekly Round Table Discussion Group


Join us weekly for 30 minutes of open questions, answers and participation-learning

 Below are topics discussed on previous calls:

Your further success in life requires a new BEING choice. Did you know you have 5 solid barriers standing between you and making that new BEING choice?


The Success Blockers are:

1.      Your Self-Concept

2.      Your Belief System

3.      Your Story

4.      Your Attachments

5.      Your Attitudes


These success blockers are preventing you from making the committed being choice that would transform the quality of the rest of your life. Well be discussing Tools for DISSOLVING and moving you past your Success Blockers


Whether you are a

v     Past participant of a BEING Workshop, looking to recharge your BEING energy

v     a Future Participant wanting to learn more about the transformation process

v     or a Maybe-I-Want-To-Be a Participant wanting to learn more,

come join us for this Weekly 30 minute Round Table Discussion Group, available to you for growing your consciousness, busting past your barriers and preparing you for participation in your next BEING Workshop.


The Round Table Discussion Group 

Every Wednesday @

 Time: 8:30am PT, 9:30am MT, 10:30am CT, 11:30am ET


Questions and answers for what youve always wanted to know about the process for transforming your life.




      Build on results from week to week

      Connect with others to take advantage of the group energy and wisdom

      Prepare yourself for taking the 16 week or the 6 month workshop to greater heights


The price is $97 a month - 4 weekly 30 minute calls

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If you participate in the Round Table Discussion Group and then  choose to participate in a BEING Workshop, you can apply up to 3 months of your Round Table tuition to your next SUCCESS WITHOUT STRESS 16-week or MASTERING YOUR LIFE 6-month BEING Workshop.


Im sure you know that before life can get any better for you, you must

1.      Know what you want

2.      Believe you can have it

3.      Have the self-confidence to choose it

4.      The Self-Worth to accept it

5.      And The Winners Attitude to attract it

 Believe me; unless you have all 5 of the above elements of success in place, you wont succeed in manifesting your intention, no matter how hard you try. If you need assistance in accessing any of these 5 success elements, youll want to join us for this weekly call.


Join us for 30 minutes every Wednesday

 Time: 8:30am PT, 9:30am MT, 10:30am CT, 11:30am ET


Participation Fee is $97 a month.

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I never imagined I could "Advance to Go" and collect my $200 so easily. I can't wait for Darel's next lesson.   -- Greg Harrelson


My net income has tripled and my self-worth has more than doubled. All of this has happened with far less stress that I ever imagined possible.   -- Jackie Pasciak