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8-day Mini Being Workshop

 I came to see myself and my life in a new light, and actually changed during the simple 8-day period. I feel I have already permanently altered my self-image for the better and feel greatly increased confidence and peace in my life, and the people close to me have noticed and commented on it as well. I look forward with great anticipation at the changes I will be making in my life.  -- Gary


 “Being The Solution”

 First of all, I would like to compliment you on writing a wonderful book, “Being The Solution”. I’ve read several books on changing your life or the Law of Attraction. Each author gives a different spin on it. I always learn something new or get a new perspective when I read a different author’s book. What I like about your book was that it made it simple. Be, Do Have.  -- Thank you – George


 I can honestly say that I can throw all my other self help material away. None can touch your books, knowledge and way of communicating, hands down. I have only had “Being The Solution” for 3 days and just applied a tiny bit of knowledge out there and the results are amazing.  -- Felix


 “To God Or AS God”

My key that had been alluding me - was that "I already have this in me" - that there is nothing mysterious or special about this Power and the people who use it. I have often looked over there and "wondered" what was so special about them; it seemed sometimes that there was this specialness or mystery that shrouded me being and knowing the same things that others did. In the book "To God Or AS God", I reclaimed this; I reclaimed my birthright. I let go of the "fixing". and, what was interesting to me, is that this reclaiming was not done with a lot of "fan-fare". No sonic boom, no high one minute and then low the next. Just  a gentle realization and being choice to reclaim.  ---  Many thanks and Abundance Blessings, Shauna


Thank you for the first four chapters of your book, "To God Or AS God", the information I have gleaned is overwhelming and I'm still trying to take it all in. I wholeheartedly agree with your way of thinking and it's opened by eyes to a new way of living my life for the better. I have read a lot of related books on the subject but the way you explain things has really hit home and I'm very grateful that I managed to find you at this point in my life. I'm still fighting with my ego and it's a constant battle but I'm beginning to feel I deserve more out of life and only I can make this change, thanks to you Darel. God bless you and I look forward to reading the rest of your book.  -- Clare


Your challenges and explanations are simple and yet whole, you just write in a fashion that creates understanding. I have told all my dearest friends about this. You should have been included in the group of people who were involved in the secret, as good as it is an introduction it left me wanting to know more. After searching over and over and over again on the internet you came into my life and have changed it for ever.  -- Thanks – Kathy


 Thank you! I’m seeing things in a different light. I went to bed last night, feeling somewhat overwhelmed. I woke up this morning feeling enlightened. Bottom line is, I’m not the same ‘being’ I was before I read your material.

 A lot of what you’d brought up made a lot of sense, in how we think, react, and feel. I never realized that how I thought and prayed manifested my current situation. Seems so true with the negativeness in my life, since it’s what occupied my mind. Well, things are going to change now!  -- Thanks Again – Glori


 “So, Why Aren’t You Rich?”

 Thank you so much for writing “So, Why Aren’t You Rich?”. I’ve been struggling financially all of my life. Your book helped me understand that my problem is a state of consciousness. The way you worded the book gave me more insight into how life works.  Thanks – Clint Francis


 “Why Aren’t You Rich Workbook”

 I was fortunate enough to have been handed a copy of the “Why Aren’t You Rich Workbook” and I must say, it was one of the best things anyone could have done for me. I’ve read many, many books (or tried to) by the most mentioned authors, but came away with little more than a lot of, perhaps, well-intentioned information that took more energy to get through, than I got out of it. But your work is unquestionably the most effective, concise, down-to-earth writing that has ever been produced in this area.  -- Thanks Leo S.

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