From Dar Dixon

I have known Darel for approximately 1 1/2 years. I can say this relationship has been one of the best things to happen to me.


I took the first Being Workshop and I was so impressed with the information and the change in myself, that I took it again! The second time was even more powerful than the first.


Out of that workshop, I set up a Power Pact that I still have to this day! It is, without a doubt, THE key to my continued success. The support and love that we share is paramount to my achieving the change I desire in my life. If you walk away from the Being Workshop with only having set your Power Pact in place, you WILL succeed with your desired change!


I have seen many internet courses that offer to help you change your life. And I'm sure that the majority of them do exactly that. The thing that always struck me was the price that is charged for these types of courses. They are in the neighborhood of $1700 - $2400!!


The Being Workshop is offered at $395.


Personally I think Darel could offer this course at the same rate as the other courses that I have found. But Darel isn't interested in the money. He is interested in helping people TRANSFORMING THEIR LIVES. 




A fraction of the cost of the others, and GUARANTEED RESULTS!


You don't have to think of all the amazing changes in your life that you can experience, but why not?


...especially since the results are guaranteed at a fraction of the cost.


"What will you change?!"