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This amazing workshop shows you how to turn on your
hidden inner power and transform the quality of your life.

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Darel says:

"If there's anything you need ...

  • Money

  • Good health

  • Better job

  • Happy Relationship

  • Self-Confidence

I can show you how to become a powerful magnet for attracting that missing good into your life!

Once you've learned the simple secret to applying the Law of Attraction to filling a need, you WILL attract who and what you want into your life.

Sound too good to be true? The BEING WORKSHOP will change the quality of your life in some way, or your money back!

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Here's what participants are saying about Darel's latest workshop.

Deborah Ivanoff says, I'm writing to share with you my gratitude and excitement over my "state of being" change as a result of participating in the BEING WORKSHOP."

..I have come to find answers to questions for which I had been searching for years. I am shining now!

..Gone is the wishing and wanting and hoping. ...NOW I KNOW that what I see today is the result of who I have been.

I FINALLY (thank you, thank you, thank you) GET IT. I am a new being and this new being is bringing in new results. There's no way every day from here on out won't be better than the last!


George Harris writes, I am amazed at the results that I'm experienced in my own life since I did the workshop. I change my way of BEING and my love for myself increased tenfold; my income doubled over a couple of months and my life has become more joyous and fulfilling than ever before.  

D B said, I have had some profound changes in my life since taking the Being Workshop. Best move I ever made!

One of the best parts of all this for me has been my new-found confidence and self-esteem. With each victory I've had since taking this workshop, has come a new feeling of personal power.

Cliff Tedder wrote, Darel, thank you for  this workshop.

...As a participant, I learned that the ego is a much more formidable challenge than I had imagined possible.

But, now, knowing how to deal with that resistance gives me an awareness  about life far beyond what the average person will ever know.

We participants have been blessed with knowing, now, how to play the game of life and win.

Ike says, Thank you for changing my life by just reminding me who I really was.

Every single page of Darel's  book I read, and every single exercise in the workshop was an  "Ah-ha" experience. I had never seen or heard it put it in a way that was so clear and easy to "get."

My main goal for the workshop was to enjoy my journey through life and now it has happened. Wow!




Change my life for only $695?

For only $695 - this life-changing BEING Workshop by Darel Rutherford, not only gives you  the power to solve your health, wealth and relationship problems, it puts you back in charge of your life.

Back in charge how? God gave you and I the power to choose who we would be, and we've lost touch with that power. This workshop will  put  you back in touch with the awesome power you and I have to make BEING choices that will change our lives!

Did you know, for instance, that good health is a being choice? Well, it is!

And so are financial independence and being in a loving relationship, being choices.

Examples: I have two friends that cured themselves of cancer with a BEING decision.

George H doubled his income and then did it again in one year after choosing to BE rich!

Cliff T says his relationship with his wife has never been better since he leaned the magic in being truly supportive while doing the BEING workshop.

Imagine what your life would be like if that unhappy alliance with him or her became a loving relationship!


So what problem would you solve?

Health? If you see your health problem as something you'll just have to live with, you've given away the power to BE healthy.

Money? If your financial circumstances have you backed into a tight corner, with no apparent way out, you've given away YOUR power to solve your money problems.

Relationship? If you are afraid to express your thoughts and feelings for fear of losing your job or destroying the relationship, you've lost the power to be yourself in that relationship.

If the shoe fits...  If you've lost your power to any of the above fears, this workshop will take away your fears and give you back your power of choice!


Are you Trapped and Powerless?

Without the power to choose to BE the one who has the problem solved, you'll be trapped forever in a reality called, "My Problem."

The Fact is:

  • Most problems persist only because you and I continue to focus on the problem, not the solution.

The Solution:

  • Most problems will dissolve and disappear once you focus on the solution--the BEING solution.

Back in Charge and Powerful

So, ask yourself "What would happen to my problem if I focused only on the solution to it?"

The only real solution for any problem is, in fact, first a BEING Solution, and then, and only then, a DOING Solution..

The Online BEING Workshop will:

  • Put you back in charge of your life

  • Show you how to solve your biggest problem with the BEING Solution

  • Give you the support you'll need to make it past your built-in resistance to that change.

  • Give you a powerful tool for dealing with your negative thoughts.

Yes! Give me back my life!

Put me back in charge!

Sign me up for the workshop!

Tell me more about the benefits.

Still undecided? Read what Dar Dixon, actor, had to say about it.   Dar said

Workshop Fee Schedule

Workshop Fee...................... $695           Sign me up

The textbook for this workshop is BEING THE SOLUTION.

If you don't have your copy, yet, see below.


Your Spiritual Path to Personal Power
and Financial Independence

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