Introducing the "Being" Affiliate Program

Simple and Easy: Selling information products as an affiliate, using Autopilot Riches to handle the transactions and the bookkeeping is the simplest and easiest way for you to earn substantial residual income right from your home.

How much can you earn? You’ll be earning 31% on every BEING THE SOLUTION bound book sold and 37.5% on every e-book sold through your referrals.

How do you get started?

First: Complete the Affiliate Enrollment Form. This is administered through Autopilot Riches – the world leader in credit card processing for information products sales. They will automatically set you up with an Affiliate ID and give you complete instructions.

Second: Refer your prospects to your affiliate website and start earning commissions immediately.

Third: Sit back and count all those affiliate commissions. You can track your sales from home through your FREE Autopilot Riches affiliate account.

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how it works

Own the prospect before they ever becomes a customer.

This one is big! Now, when you recommend my Richbits Newsletter or one of my books, using your affiliate link to send them to my website, you'll be setting yourself up to receive future affiliate commissions.

Click here to to see where your affiliate link takes your referral. Once your referral clicks on your affiliate link, you now own that prospect when he or she later becomes a customer.

Besides being the conveyer of valuable transforming messages, The Richbits Newsletter is also a sales tool. Those who continue to receive the newsletter, usually become customers once they learn to trust the source of the information.

When your referral later uses a link from my newsletter instead of your affiliate link to go shopping in my bookstore you still earn earn the commission on whatever they buy because you own that customer.

When you are a BEING affiliate it's like owning your own bookstore on the internet, but with no overhead costs--no advertising costs or rent to pay. Even if the visitor comes back 3 years later, you still get the commission. Let me show you how you came to own the customer..

Let's say you recommend my newsletter to your friends. You send them to the website by way of your affiliate link. On the website, they sign up for the newsletter you recommended. If they decide to buy a book they will click on the shopping cart link. Click on the Inspiration Shopping Cart link and see where it takes you.

Your referral can click on any of the links there to see a sample of the newsletter, hear an audio interview I did or learn more about a book or a workshop. Once your referral visits that web page our affiliate software deposits a cookie on their computer. See graphic below:

What gets deposited on his/her computer for future recognition purposes is actually called a cookie in computer language. The signal left on that computer is nothing like the graphic in the above illustration but whatever it is allows the affiliate software to acknowledge any future purchase made through that same computer as being your sale.

That's all you have to do, recommend the newsletter or a product, and even if your prospect doesn't sign up or buy anything, if they click on the link, you still own that prospect for future sales. You don't have to make the sale or write up the invoice. You don't have to do anything other than recommend. I can't think of an easier way to earn money, can you?

The trick is to become an affiliate before you recommend the newsletter, a book or a workshop. So, if you haven't already done so, click on the sign up image below and become an affiliate.

The Affiliate Enrollment form

Word of mouth is by far the most powerful form of advertising. So, when you recommend my newsletter or products, your friend will probably subscribe and later become a customer--your customer.

I'll be sending you the other changes to the affiliate program later, and one at a time so that you can give each new benefit your full attention.

So, what inspired action will you take as an affiliate? Click here to check out the affiliate tools.